About Amhi Travelkar

Amhi Travelkar- The most preferred brand of Maharashtrian People brings with it the insight and knowledge gained over 260 years of travel excellence. With its unrivalled expertise, the world's longest established travel company is setting new milestones in Marathi Tours along with Amhi Travelkar. Designed by expert, Amhi Travelkar offers well-crafted itineraries with unique experiences in some of the best global destinations as per the taste and preferences of Maharashtrian people with handpicked hotels, for like-minded travellers, Caring and professional tour managers, our guests uncover the true essence of every place they visit.

With the belief that all travellers deserve a break, Amhi Travelkar gives them a chance to refresh their spirit, reconnect with friends or make new ones on tour, and explore their dream destinations in a safe, fun way. Designed by an enthusiastic team, Amhi Travelkar takes great delight in pampering their passengers as they travel across the globe.